Jeffrey Frank

Selected Works

Narrative History
“Perhaps the most intriguing—and dysfunctional—political marriage in history ... a highly engrossing political narrative that skillfully takes the reader through the twisted development of a strange relationship that would help shape America’s foreign and domestic agenda....” —Front Page, The New York Times Book Review
"One of the best books ever written about Richard Nixon"
--Thomas Mallon, The New Yorker
"[A] compelling and enlightening account of one of the most important and complicated political relationships in postwar U.S. history.... fascinating"
-- The Washington Post
Another triumph from one of America’s most reliable and inventive comic novelists. Trudy Hopedale is understated, cunning and relentlessly funny.”
--David Sedaris
“Wickedly funny...”
--(Starred) Kirkus Review
"The Columnist is 'as dark as chocolate and every bit as tasty.'"
--Christopher Buckley
“The Franks’ edition finally sets the stories straight...”
--Elise Soukup, Newsweek

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